Born and raised in the rough outskirts of Brooklyn N.Y.  Performing in local birthday parties as early as 8 y/o. Devonte would go on to face his biggest crowd when he performed and won 1st place at the WORLD FAMOUS Showtime at the APOLLO at only 16y/o

Devonte caught the attention of Film Director, Ted Wallach, who soon after winning the Apollo, embarked on creating Magic Men, a Documentary Film capturing 7 years of Devonte’s journey in Magic, it is Set to release in 2017 narrated by the Recording Artist/Actor Common and appearance by fellow magicians.

Devonte became an integral part of, Magicians Without Borders, a 501C(3) organization, performs magic shows for children in refugee camps, orphanages and hospitals around the world. By UN estimates we have entertained over 500,000 of the most forgotten people in the world

Astonishing, Energetic and Funny
— New York Times