Born and raised in the rough outskirts of Brooklyn N.Y.  Performing in local Birthday parties as early as 8 y/o. Devonte would go on to face his biggest crowd when he performed and WON 1st PLACE at the WORLD FAMOUS Showtime at the APOLLO at only 16y/o

Devonte caught the attention of Film Director, Ted Wallach, who soon after winning the Apollo, embarked on creating Magic Men, a Documentary Film capturing 7 years of Devonte’s journey in Magic, it is Set to release in 2017 narrated by the Recording Artist/Actor Common and appearance by fellow magicianS

Devonte became an integral part of, Magicians Without Borders, a 501C(3) organization, performs magic shows for children in refugee camps, orphanages and hospitals around the world. By UN estimates we have entertained over 500,000 of the most forgotten people in the world